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Columbus Deluxe / Columbus (Columbus) Deluxe slot review

Immerse yourself in the world of adventure with the online slot machine Columbus (Columbus) available to play for free and without registration. Feel the approach of dreams of sea winds, sailing trips and the glory of the traveler! As the name suggests, the machine is inspired by the life story of the famous navigator Christopher Columbus. That's why the iconography of the slot includes images of navigational equipment, portraits of Columbus and the queen, as well as jewelry.

Characteristic Details
Developer Novomatic
pay lines 10
Number of reels 5
Bonus spins Available
Doubling the win Provided
The presence of a wild symbol Eat
Coefficient 5000
Minimum bet 1
Maximum bet 100

Game description

Columbus Deluxe is a great online slot machine created on the basis of the original Columbus game by designers and programmers of the German company Novomatic. They specialize in the development of high quality gaming software and their products are popular all over the world. The Columbus Deluxe slot machine is a clear confirmation of this, having an impressive army of fans.

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The theme of the game is based on the great sea voyages of Christopher Columbus, the famous explorer and discoverer of America. The game offers users the opportunity to plunge into an exciting adventure, following the path that Columbus traveled in his historical travels. This allows participants to get not only the thrill of gambling, but also learn a little more about history and geography.

The name “Deluxe” is not just attached to the name of this slot for no reason. It says that the game has been improved from its original version. The graphics have become more detailed and vibrant, and the level of difficulty and interesting gameplay has increased significantly. Despite the fact that the original Columbus slot had a lot of fans, the new version has more modern and attractive features for players.

Columbus Deluxe features five reels and ten paylines, as well as a variety of special symbols and bonus features that make the game even more interesting. One of the key elements of the game is the possibility of doubling up the winnings, which adds to the thrill and excitement. There is also the possibility of getting bonus spins, which greatly increases the chances of winning.

Columbus slot

The visual design of the game impresses with its detail and colorfulness. The pictures on the reels depicting Columbus, his ships, navigational instruments and other elements are made with great attention to detail and high precision. All this graphic splendor is accompanied by great soundtrackwhich creates an atmosphere of real adventure.

Columbus Deluxe is a great game for lovers of gambling, history and adventure. It offers interesting gameplay, great visuals and lots of winning opportunities. If you are ready to go on an exciting treasure hunt with Christopher Columbus, then this slot is perfect for you.


Before embarking on a journey through the sea with Christopher Columbus, it is useful to get acquainted with the main characteristics and features of the Columbus Deluxe online slot.

Technical parameters Columbus Deluxe

Characteristic Description
Number of reels 5
Number of lines 10
The presence of a risk game Yes
Autospin feature Yes
Number of unique characters 4
Number of scatters 1
Number of wilds 1
Playing card symbols 5

Initially, the technical parameters of this machine should be noted. It is equipped with five reels and offers ten lines for betting, which gives enough flexibility and variability for players of different levels and preferences.

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One of the key features of the game is the presence of a risk game, which makes it possible to double the winnings. This adds an extra dimension of excitation and strategy to the gameplay. The autospin feature allows players to enjoy the game without having to constantly press the spin button.

Symbols in Columbus Deluxe

There are four unique symbols in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, each of which has its own characteristics and meaning. The symbols represent various elements associated with the travel history of Christopher Columbus, including himself, his ships, and various navigational instruments.


In addition, the game has a special Scatter symbol that triggers bonus spins if you land on three or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels. This adds extra fascination and a high degree of unpredictability to the game.


The next important symbol in the game is the Wild, which can substitute for any other symbol to create winning combinations. This symbol increases the player's chances of winning and makes the game even more interesting and dynamic.

Playing cards

Finally, there are five playing card symbols in the game, which represent the low paying symbols in the game. They are standard playing card symbols from ten to ace. Despite the fact that they bring less payouts, they appear much more often and can bring regular small winnings.

All in all, Columbus Deluxe offers an extensive array of features and symbols that make the game fun, interesting and exciting. Each spin has the possibility of a big win, and each spin brings new experiences and emotions. It is these features that make Columbus Deluxe one of the most popular and beloved games in the world of online gambling.

Game interface

The interface of the Columbus Deluxe slot machine is designed to provide maximum convenience and clarity for the player. All controls are intuitive and easy to access for a smooth and efficient gaming experience.

Columbus slot

On the main screen of the machine, you will find an information board that displays the current number of credits the player has. This helps players to control their budget and make informed betting decisions.

The following controls are buttons and knobs, which include:

  1. Line number switch: This feature allows players to choose the number of active betting lines. This greatly affects the chances of winning and the size of the bet.
  2. Rate adjuster: With this regulator, players can choose the amount of their bet on each payline.
  3. Payouts: This section of the interface shows the cost of each symbol in the game. This helps players understand which combinations of symbols are the most profitable.
  4. Additional Information: In this section, players can find detailed information about the rules of the game, including information about special symbols and bonus rounds.
  5. Start: The “Start” button starts the spin of the reels, starting a new game.
  6. Auto: The autospins feature allows you to automatically start spinning the reels with the selected number of lines and bet, which makes it possible to play without having to constantly press the “Start” button.

In general, the interface of the Columbus Deluxe slot machine is designed taking into account the needs of the players and provides ease of control, which makes the game process as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There are two additional buttons at the top of the interface. One of them provides the ability to expand the game slot to full screen for a more convenient and immersive interaction. The second button is for turning off the audio, allowing players to customize the audio settings to their preference.

Rules of the game

In the Columbus Deluxe game, as in most slot machines, the main goal for the player is to form a winning combination of symbols on active paylines. Upon successful formation of such a combination, the player is awarded a win, which is calculated as the product of the amount of his bet and the coefficient of the dropped symbols. This means that the more symbols that match on the active line, and the higher their coefficient, the greater the final win will be.

However, if after spinning the reels the combination is not formed, then the player is recognized as the loser of this round. In this case, the loans that were put on the line go away and are not returned. This highlights the importance of careful selection of the bet size and the number of active lines - these parameters directly affect the probability of winning and the size of the potential loss.

Thus, playing Columbus Deluxe requires players not only to be lucky, but also to think strategically in order to optimally distribute their stakes and maximize their chances of success.

Game process

To start playing Columbus Deluxe, the player needs to follow a few steps:

  1. Set the number of active lines: The player can choose any number of active lines from 1 to 10, thereby determining his chances of winning. More lines means more opportunities to form winning combinations, but also increases the size of the bet.
  2. Select bet size: The player can choose the bet amount for each active line from 1 to 200 credits. This is an important aspect of the game strategy, as the size of the bet affects the potential winnings. A higher rate can lead to bigger wins, but also increases the risk of losing credits.
  3. Press the "Start" button: After choosing the number of lines and the size of the bet, the player presses the “Start” button to start spinning the reels. At this point, the game round begins.
  4. Wait for the reels to spin: The reels start spinning with the given parameters, and the player waits for them to stop. After the end of the rotation, the round is considered completed.

According to the results of each round, the player is credited with either a win or a loss, depending on the combination of symbols that fell on the active lines. If a player wins, his winnings are automatically added to his credits. If the player loses, the bet is burned and deducted from his credits.

Columbus slot

To start a new round, the player simply needs to press the “Start” button again and the game will continue, saving the selected parameters of lines and bets.

It is important to note that the gameplay of Columbus Deluxe takes place in real time, and the player can watch the spinning of the reels and the results of their bets directly on the screen, creating an exciting and gambling atmosphere of the game.

Symbols, plot and coefficients in the game Columbus Deluxe

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine offers a fascinating story dedicated to the journey of the great Christopher Columbus. All the symbols that can be found on the reels of this slot are closely related to its historical journey (with a few exceptions).

Each symbol featured on the reels is beautifully crafted and rendered with great attention to detail. Their bright and picturesque images are pleasant to look at and create a special atmosphere of the game. When a combination of symbols forms on the reels, they come to life with animations that add dynamics and visual appeal to the gameplay.

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Particular attention is paid to the notation of playing cards, which are stylized as a Gothic font. This style of writing was most common during the time of Christopher Columbus, highlighting the game's historical atmosphere and attention to detail in its art.

It is also necessary to note the sound accompaniment, which gives the game a special atmosphere. When starting the round, the player will hear the ringing of the rynda - the sound of the ship's bell, which at that time was inextricably linked with sea voyages. Also in the game you can hear other sounds that create the atmosphere of the movement of a sailing ship and the great discovery of new sea spaces. The soundtrack complements the visual effects and allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the adventures of Christopher Columbus.

The symbols, story and sound design of Columbus Deluxe create a unique atmosphere of travel and adventure, making every spin exciting and exciting. This slot offers players not only the opportunity to win, but also to immerse themselves in the historical context and enjoy high-quality graphics and sound performance.

Columbus slot

Here are the symbols used in the game:

Sign Description Coefficient
Card designations (ten to ace) Lowest Odds Playing Cards x5-x150
Astrolabe Astrolabe symbol, multiplies the win by 250 x250
Queen of Spain One of the most expensive symbols, x1000 multiplier x1000
golden pendant Golden pendant symbol, x500 multiplier x500
Columbus (Wild) The symbol of Columbus, Wild, can replace any other symbol and make a combination, has its own coefficient x5000 x5000
Ship (Scatter) The ship symbol, Scatter, triples winnings and triggers free spins x3 (free spins)

How to Play Columbus Deluxe Slot for Free and Real Money

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine offers two basic game modes that define the rules and capabilities of the players:

  1. Demo mode: In demo mode, players can play for free and without registration. This mode provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the machine, to study its functionality and gameplay features. Demo mode is suitable for the first acquaintance with the game, strategy development and simple entertainment. In demo mode, it is impossible to lose real money, but it is also impossible to win real money prizes.
  2. Real money game mode: To play for real money, players need to register on the selected gaming portal and make a deposit to their gaming account. In this mode, players have the opportunity to win real cash prizes. However, it is important to remember that playing for real money also comes with the risk of losing. When playing the Columbus Deluxe slot, the chances of losing are low, as the machine returns approximately 85% of the total amount of bets back to the players in the form of winnings.

The choice of game mode in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine depends on the preferences and goals of each player. The demo mode offers a risk-free free play option, while the real money play mode gives you the chance to win real cash prizes. Regardless of the mode chosen, players can enjoy addictive gameplay, colorful graphics and potential winnings in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine.

Additional features and bonuses

Additional features and bonuses are available in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, which can increase the chances of winning and pleasantly surprise the players.

One of these bonuses is the ability to trigger 10 free spins when three images of a ship appear on the reels. During free spins, credits are not debited from the player's account, which allows them to continue the game without additional costs. It is important to note that during the free spins there is a special effect of the ship symbol, which acts as a scatter. This means that all winnings received during free spins will be multiplied by three times, which can lead to significant profits for the player.

Free spins are one of the most desired bonuses in the Columbus Deluxe game, as they provide the player with additional opportunities to win without the risk of losing credits. This bonus mode adds excitation and increases the excitement of the game, opening the way to potentially high winnings.

Overall, the additional features and bonuses in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine make the gaming experience more varied and exciting, giving players the opportunity to get even more winnings and enjoy additional game features.


There is no fixed jackpot in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine. The amount of winnings in the game depends solely on the luck of the player. There are no predefined big jackpots to be won. Instead, players have the opportunity to win different amounts depending on the combinations of symbols and the size of their bets.

Thus, in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, the winning amounts are limited only by the player and his own luck. The more successful combinations of symbols a player can collect, the higher his winnings will be. It all depends on the right strategy, luck and skill of the player.

risk game

After each successful combination in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, players are invited to participate in the risk game. The decision on whether to take part in it remains at the discretion of the player.

In the risk game, the player has to guess the suit of six cards turned face down. If the player can correctly guess the suit, his winnings are doubled exactly six times. This provides players with the opportunity to significantly increase their winnings.

Play Columbus Deluxe

However, it is important to remember that the risk game is not without risks. If the player makes a mistake while guessing the suit, he will lose his current winnings and return to the main game. Therefore, the decision to take part in the risk game should be considered and based on the individual preferences and strategy of the player.

Columbus slot

The risk game in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine offers the opportunity to increase the winnings and adds extra dynamics to the gameplay. This is an interesting option for those who are willing to take risks and test their luck.


You can stop the risk game at any time, even after guessing only one card. At the same time, the player retains the opportunity to collect his current winnings.

Participation in the risk game can bring a good profit, since each subsequent win is doubled. However, it is important to remember that the chance of success in the risk game is 50/50. Not everyone can guess all six cards. However, even a successful prediction of the suit of at least two or three cards can bring a significant increase in winnings.

The correct decision to stop and take the current win in the risk game or continue and aim for doubling each subsequent win is up to the player. It depends on his individual strategy, risk setting and luck.

The risk game in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine provides players with an opportunity to try their luck and get additional profit. However, it is important to make informed decisions and not forget about the opportunity to keep the winnings already received.

Automatic play

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine has an automatic game feature that frees the player from having to press the “Start” button to start each new round. To enable this function, just press the “Auto” button. To turn off the autoplay function, you can press the "Auto" button or the "Start" button. In addition, the automatic game will automatically stop if the player's account runs out of credits.

The autoplay feature allows the player to enjoy the gameplay without interrupting it for each new spin. It provides the ability to automatically start rounds with predefined settings, such as the number of spins and the amount of the bet. This is handy for those who prefer a more passive approach to the game or want to automate the process.

It is important to remember that during automatic play, the player can still monitor the process and intervene at any time if he wants to change settings or stop the game. The auto-play feature provides convenience and flexibility to players, adding extra comfort to the gaming experience.

Winning combinations

In the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, the following combinations are considered winning:

  • Combinations of three or more images of cards or ships.
  • Combinations of two or more other images.

To win, you need to collect a certain number of identical symbols on the active line, starting from the first left reel. The more identical symbols there are in a combination, the higher the winnings will be. Different symbols have different multipliers that determine the size of the win.

The winning combinations in the Columbus Deluxe game add extra excitement and the opportunity to earn significant winnings for players. Collect combinations and enjoy the prizes that luck will bring you on the reels of this exciting slot machine.

Free spins

In the Columbus Deluxe slot machine, free spins can be triggered in the following ways:

  1. When 3 or more ship symbols appear on the reels. When 3 or more ship symbols appear on the reels, this triggers the free spins bonus feature. The number of free spins that will be provided to the player is determined by the rules of the game.
  2. As part of special bonus promotions from the gaming club. Gaming clubs may offer bonus promotions that include a gift of free spins for certain slot machines, including Columbus Deluxe. Players may be awarded free spins as part of a promotion or as part of a welcome package.

Free spins provide players with the opportunity to make spins without additional bets and have the potential for additional winnings. They add extra interest and excitement to the game, increasing the chances of hitting big wins.

It is important to clarify that the conditions for receiving free spins may vary in different gaming clubs or depending on the rules of a particular machine. Before participating in the game and promotions, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions in order to be aware of all the features and benefits that the Columbus Deluxe slot machine offers.

Doubling game

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine does not have a separate doubling game. Instead, the function of doubling is performed by the risk game described above, in which players are asked to guess the cards.

In the risk game, the player is given the opportunity to double his current winnings if he can correctly guess the suit of six cards. However, if the player makes a mistake in guessing the suit, he loses his current winnings.

Thus, the doubling feature in the Columbus Deluxe slot machine is implemented through the risk game, adding an additional opportunity for players to increase their winnings. It is important to remember that the risk game is optional and the decision to participate in it is at the discretion of each player.

Where can I play the Columbus Deluxe slot machine?

With attractive graphics and a high return rate, Columbus Deluxe slot has gained a lot of popularity among gamblers. Therefore, almost every respectable online casino includes it in their collection of slot games.

In order to enjoy playing Columbus Deluxe, players need to find a reliable and licensed online casino that offers this slot in their range of games. Many virtual gaming platforms offer the opportunity to play Columbus Deluxe in both free play and real money mode.

Players can choose a casino based on their reputation, reviews from other players, available bonuses and promotions, and whether they have the necessary licenses and certifications. It is important to choose a reliable casino that will ensure fair play and protect players' personal data.

Get ready for an exciting adventure with Columbus and explore the sea with this exciting slot game at one of the many online casinos available.

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Columbus slot

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How many reels does the Columbus Deluxe slot have?

The Columbus Deluxe slot has 5 reels.

How many lines for winning combinations are available in Columbus Deluxe?

Columbus Deluxe has 10 lines for winning combinations.

Which symbols in Columbus Deluxe can substitute for other symbols to form combinations?

In the Columbus Deluxe game, the Columbus (Wild) symbol can substitute for any other symbol to form combinations.

Which symbol in the Columbus Deluxe game is the Scatter symbol and triggers free spins?

The Ship symbol in the Columbus Deluxe game is a Scatter symbol and triggers free spins.

What feature is available in Columbus Deluxe to play automatically without having to press the Start button?

Columbus Deluxe has an autospin feature that allows players to play automatically without having to press the Start button.

Which symbol in the Columbus Deluxe game is the most valuable and has the highest win rate?

The Queen of Spain symbol in Columbus Deluxe is the most valuable symbol and has the highest win rate.

What feature is available in Columbus Deluxe to double your winnings?

Columbus Deluxe does not have a separate gambling feature, but players can use the risk game to increase their winnings.

How many ship symbols are required to trigger free spins in Columbus Deluxe?

To trigger free spins in the Columbus Deluxe game, you need to get three or more ship symbols on the reels.

Which symbol in the Columbus Deluxe game triples winnings during free spins?

During free spins in the Columbus Deluxe game, all winnings are multiplied by three times thanks to the Ship symbol as a Scatter symbol.

How many Columbus (Wild) symbols are needed to get the maximum win rate in Columbus Deluxe?

Which manufacturer is behind the creation of the Columbus Deluxe slot machine?

The Columbus Deluxe slot machine was created by Novomatic.

How many paylines are available in Columbus Deluxe?

There are 10 paylines available in Columbus Deluxe.

Which symbol in Columbus Deluxe is the Wild symbol and can substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations?

The Columbus symbol in Columbus Deluxe is the Wild symbol.

Which symbol in the Columbus Deluxe game activates bonus spins (free spins)?

The Ship symbol in Columbus Deluxe activates the bonus spins.

Which symbol in Columbus Deluxe has the highest payout ratio?

The Queen of Spain symbol in Columbus Deluxe has the highest payout ratio.